What are the nutrition tools that nutrition care providers use to improve health?

Skills, actions and knowledge that a broad range of providers are trained to apply to help people improve health or prevent illness, include:

  • Health histories
  • Dietary & lifestyle assessment
  • Assessment for possible drug-nutrient interactions and drug-nutrient depletion
  • Assessment to identify appropriate supplemental herbs, vitamins, and nutrients
  • Laboratory tests to assess nutrient status
  • Therapeutic diets
  • Traditional, culturally based, healing diets
  • Counseling (e.g. behavioral counseling, motivational interviewing, and goal setting as it relates to nutrition, food choices ,and physical activity)
  • Individual and group education/training (e.g. outlining the relationship between food, body function, and health)
  • Follow-up reassessment and monitoring for treatment efficacy and modification, where necessary

Many types of professionals are trained in these skills--no one sub-group should own the exclusive right to use them